Breast surgery involves a wide variety of breast disease, which can be divided into benign and malignant disease. Nothing arouses anxiety quite like the discovery of a breast lump, nipple drainage or an abnormality on a mammogram. When your doctor tells you that you need to see a breast surgeon, we offer education, discussion, counseling and individualized surgical treatment planning to women with benign, suspicious and malignant breast diseases.

Benign breast disease includes evaluation of a variety of breast maladies such as pain, lumps, nipple discharge, infections/abscess, inflammatory lesions and fibrocystic disease.

Breast cancer is a leading cause for death in women of all ages. Early detection is the key to achieving high cure rates. Guidelines for scheduling a mammogram:

Age 35-39 baseline mammogram
Age 40-49 mammogram every 2 years
Age 50 and over mammogram ever year

In the last decade tremendous strides have been made in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. We specialize in the most advanced treatments for breast cancer, and we work in close collaboration with radiation and medical oncologists, and plastic reconstructive surgeons.

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